If you have received a cancer diagnosis, please know you’re not alone. Help is available. At Bloomhill Cancer Care we help people at all stages of a cancer experience, from diagnosis to post-treatment, survivorship and beyond.

We are sure you already know that having cancer is a significant life event. Every person’s experience is unique, and their needs individual. Whether you feel confusion, fear, shock, anger or nothing at all, these and any number of other emotions are normal.

Our clinical nurses can help you understand the medical diagnosis, the terms you may be unfamiliar with, and what treatments entail. Your multidisciplinary care team at Bloomhill will help you understand the things you can predict about the path ahead, and how you can prepare for the next steps.

We have supported many thousands of people to live well with cancer, and we can help you too.

Please get in touch and join our community. We look forward to welcoming you.

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