A cancer diagnosis can raise fears and concerns as well as challenges for the person with cancer and often for loved ones as well.  We understand the importance of mental and emotional well-being for patients and family when cancer is diagnosed, or when something changes.  Our specialist psycho-oncology services provide a range of options to assist people in dealing with cancer diagnosis, progression of disease, or other changes that require adapting to a ‘new normal’.

Some reasons for seeing the team could include adjusting to a cancer diagnosis, concerns about other family members, fear or anxiety, depression, relationship problems, psychosexual difficulties such as erectile dysfunction and loss of libido, communicating with family or health professionals, alcohol and drug related problems and end of life concerns.   Our sensitive team can assist with confidential counselling and provide individual, couples or family support.

Our psychologists and counsellors are integral members of the allied health team and Bloomhill strives to ensure that limited finances does not preclude clients accessing these services.  There is no charge for our counsellor (although donations are welcome) and our psychologists are registered with Medicare to enable access to appointments with no out of pocket expense though a Mental Health Care Plan.  Alternatively, the cost of psychology appointments may be subsidised by private health fund extra cover.