Bloomhill Lymphoedema Information and Support Service (BLISS)

One of the side effects of cancer treatment that may impact cancer survivors is lymphoedema, which develops due to a blockage or breakdown in the body’s drainage system (the lymphatic system). This causes a build-up of fluid, and leads in many cases to swelling.  

The lymphatic system is a network of vessels throughout the body tasked with draining lymph fluid from the tissues back into the bloodstream.  Lymphoedema is classed as either Primary or Secondary.  Bloomhill Cancer Care offers lymphoedema therapy by staff who specialise in the treatment and management of Secondary
Lymphoedema which occurs as a result of damage to the system during surgery or radiation following cancer treatment.

It can develop within days, weeks, months or even many years after treatment for cancer, and is more common in the arms and legs, but can also occur in the neck, face, chest wall, ribs, upper and lower body.

Discovering that there is a treatment which will improve the level of swelling and pain, is life changing for many lymphoedema sufferers. 

We begin with a lymphoedema assessment, identifying which treatments, education and support options are indicated for you. 

Options include manual lymphatic drainage, scar work, cording treatment, pre and post surgical baseline lymphatic measurements, manual limb measurement and fitting of compression garments.  

If you know someone with lymphoedema please recommend Bloomhill Cancer Care to them. If you experience it yourself, please get in touch. We can help.