Our Why

We exist to provide personalised support for those touched by cancer

When cancer occurs it’s a surprise, shock, disbelief… why me? From diagnosis, dealing with the unknown and often amidst a fog of chemotherapy, radiation, medication and surgery, people’s lives are changed forever. Every need, value, dream and desire is challenged. For some this time offers a reset button for a mindset change, for others it becomes an ongoing challenge, or even an end of life journey. It is a time where all the family, not just those with cancer, are in turmoil, making it even more difficult to find the personalised support that truly assists everyone. Therefore at Bloomhill, we commit to make every effort and each moment matter to achieve OUR WHY.

Core Values

We care, we honour, we empower, and we lead in everything we do.

Central to our work is a culture of care, support, and empathy. We will go where others don’t. We listen to things others aren’t able to hear. We are present when others are not able to be. We take care in all that we do around you and in the sanctuary of our wellness centre.

It is our honour and commitment to be a safe and secure space, to share and understand the entire continuum of survivorship and wellbeing, through to those who face their end of life. We seek to foster an empowering, integrated community-based model of care that supports the individual needs of people touched by cancer.

Our Future Directions 2021 strategy is found here.

About Us

Bloomhill is your local Cancer Care facility, established by the Sunshine Coast community for the Sunshine Coast community, to provide care and support for people of all ages living with cancer. We service the greater Sunshine Coast region and beyond.

Bloomhill prides itself on its evidence-based, nurse-led model of care supported by strong relationships with primary health care providers and local hospitals. In addition to our nurse-led care, we offer a broad range of complementary therapies and allied health services which assist and support individuals, their families and their carers during what can be a very challenging and life-changing experience.

All of our therapies and allied health services are founded in evidence-based practice to help our clients manage and mitigate the impacts of treatment on the mind and body. Our exercise physiology, dietetics, psychology, counselling and education programs are designed to arm and empower people with knowledge and techniques to self-manage their wellness-survivor journey.

Our client transport service also helps to directly break down barriers to accessing essential treatment and support services. All focused on helping people stay well and out of hospital

All of our services are delivered by qualified nurses, therapists and allied health professionals, the cost of which is subsidised or sponsored by our charity. This is made possible through the proceeds of our ten Op Shops, grants, fundraising activities, community and corporate support, and individual philanthropy. Our 450+ volunteers are the life blood of all our business fueled by purpose, passion and pride to be the ‘village’ needed to support our community.

Together we all play an essential role in breaking down barriers to accessing essential treatment and support, improving treatment compliance and ultimately improve cancer health outcomes for the Sunshine Coast community and beyond.

Our Story

Bloomhill is your local cancer care organisation. Established in 1997 we have been servicing people within the greater Sunshine Coast region to live well with cancer for over 25 years.

In the past 8 years Bloomhill has welcomed 7,120 clients at the Centre, which includes patients, carers, children and bereaved family and friends. The growth in demand for our services has increased markedly in recent years. In the 2018-2019 financial year alone, Bloomhill actively supported 1224 clients – providing over 11,112 occasions of nursing and allied health care and attendances at our group lifestyle and wellness activities. You can find out more about our diverse array of services under the Get Help section of this website.

Bloomhill is leading the way nationally in cancer care support services, with several new centres now in operation that have been built upon the principles and practices of our Wellness-Survivor Centre located in Buderim. These include Cancer Wellness Support (formerly Cancer Help) located in New South Wales Blue Mountains and Penrith, and the newly opened Cairns Organisation for United Cancer Health (COUCH). We are also championing a conversation around the need for increased government support for cancer care services such as ours which fall outside the scope of traditional views on cancer care being limited to primary health care providers.

With over 22 fully trained nursing, allied health staff and contractors, Bloomhill has also been working hard to establish strong partnerships with key organisations and networks aligned with our mission, including: National Alliance for Cancer Wellness, Queensland Cancer Council, Leukaemia Foundation, Sunshine Coast University Hospital, Sunshine Coast University, Canteen, PHN Integrated Care Alliance Group, USE External Advisory Committee – Counselling.

Organisational Structure

Bloomhill Cancer Care Ltd is a company limited by guarantee. We are a not-for-profit charitable organisation registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) and with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status.

Our Wellness-Survivor Centre is located in Buderim. We also lease and operate a Distribution Centre and eleven Op Shops across the greater Sunshine Coast region. This retail arm of the business is managed by a team of professional shop managers and retail assistants who are supported by an army of fabulously dedicated volunteers.

Another arm of the Bloomhill business is our Client Transport Service designed to help people in need of assistance to access essential cancer treatment, nursing care and allied health services. The transport fleet is financially supported through sponsorship, donations and in-kind support provided by trained volunteers.