Good nutrition is important for all cancer patients and advice from a dietitian specialising in cancer nutrition can provide important support.  Oncology nutrition is the application of nutrition and dietetic science to assist people with cancer to maintain adequate nutrition during their cancer treatment and beyond.  Research shows that diet and exercise are linked to better cancer survival and decreased recurrence.

Oncology dietitians provide nutritional advice which can help with side effects related to cancer treatment.  They can also provide guidance about what foods or supplements can improve or maintain energy levels, decrease fatigue and assist recovery.  Because dietitians understand the impact of cancer and its treatment on health and diet, they can offer practical solutions to assist in symptom management, support weight control and generally assist with making food enjoyable again.

Our free dietetic clinic is provide in collaboration with the University of the Sunshine Coast.  Students provide consultations under the supervision of an oncology specialist senior dietitian.  (Complex dietary advice/health conditions are not suitable for this clinic).

Our consultant dietitian provides oncology nutrition appointments for clients including those with complex dietary support needs.   Discuss referral with your GP or Bloomhill nurse, as patients may be eligible for a Chronic Disease Management Plan which provides a Medicare rebate.  Private Health Ancillary cover can also assist with subsidy of Dietetic consultations.