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Safety precautions as COVID-19 cases rise

By July 27, 2022August 5th, 2022No Comments

The number of covid cases is on the rise again (11 000+ this week) and Queensland is expected to reach its peak over next few weeks of this wave. With this comes increasing hospitalisations and burden on the health system.

Whilst there are no new mandates from the Queensland Government, the advice continues to be:
– If you are sick, then stay home until you are no longer sick, and get tested (RAT or PCR methods are okay). Even if you are negative to COVID-19, stay home when you are sick.
– Face masks are still required in healthcare settings and whilst on public transport. However due to the rising COVID numbers it is recommended to wear a mask when you are indoors, and in crowded places where you cannot socially distance.
– Maintain physical distance of 1.5m between yourself and others wherever possible
Hand hygiene is critically important. Wash your hands often with soap and water, or hand sanitizer.

All people aged 16 and over who have had intial two vaccine doses are strongly encouraged to get a third COVID-19 vaccine dose.

People aged 50 and over, and those at greater risk of severe illness, are recommended to have a fourth dose, from 3 months after the first booster dose.

People aged 30 to 49 can also get a fourth dose if they choose.

These third and fourth doses are very important for people at greater risk of getting very sick from COVID-19, including people:
– Aged 50 years and older
– Who are severely immunocompromised
– Living in aged care and disability care accommodation
-Who are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People aged 50 years and older
-With a medical condition that increases the risk of severe COVID-19 illness
-With disability with significant or complex health needs or multiple comorbidities which increases risk of poor outcomes

Close Contacts
If you are a close contact of someone with COVID-19, and you have no symptoms, then you can leave your home for any reason, however you must wear a mask at all times outside the home. It is recommended that you undertake regular testing either daily, or second daily.

If you have any symptoms and are a close contact (even if you test negative) then you should stay home until symptoms resolve.

When visiting Bloomhill

Bloomhill Cancer Care remains committed to protecting our clients through wearing masks, maintaining physical distancing where possible, and regular cleaning of frequent touch areas.

We adhere to all QLD health and QLD government guidelines and recommendations to ensure the safety of our clients.

Whilst every measure is taken there remains some risk, and as such we recommend each of our clients and visitors to make their own risk assessment when it comes to attending activities and services in our wellness centre.

We will continue to offer Zoom group activities and telehealth options where possible and should you have any questions, please do hesitate to contact our friendly team to ensure you feel at ease attending activities onsite.

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Published: 22 July 2022