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Meditation Group

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About our group classes

Meditation can help people cope better with the challenges of living with cancer and even help you to discover ways to thrive through and beyond your cancer experience.

Join one of Bloomhill’s meditation classes and learn a simple approach that will help you cope with treatment and reclaim your life. Mindfulness meditation can assist with specific cancer-related issues.

Studies have shown that meditation can help with pain and may lessen the number of pain medications needed to control pain. Another study found that meditation decreased the levels of stress hormones in people with breast and prostate cancer and those effects were still present a year later.

Difficulty with sleep is a common problem for people living with cancer, meditation is associated with less insomnia and improved quality of sleep, and least one study has found meditation can improve cognitive functioning for people with cancer who experience ‘chemobrain.’

Bloomhill holds a variety of meditation sessions each week run by different teachers.

Meditation classes are currently on a break

From mid-June 2022 the meditation class will be on pause while we find a new facilitator. Please send any recommendations to

For some great audio and podcast resources on relaxation and meditation please visit Cancer Council Queensland’s website – click here.

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