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Introducing psychologist Lauren Reitz

By July 26, 2022July 29th, 2022No Comments

Psychologist Lauren Reitz has joined Bloomhill Cancer Care’s team and is available Thursdays.

Psychologist Lauren Reitz says her approach to treatment will help clients understand and move through challenging situations. She is available for appointments on Thursdays.

Lauren completed her degree in South Africa and her Masters internship in Zimbabwe. She also trained in family therapy and volunteered as a counsellor at a hospice and bereavement centre for three years in Zimbabwe.

Since moving to the Coast, in 2002, she has worked as a psychologist at Lifeline and Focus and moved into private practice in Coolum Beach in 2006. She also provides therapeutic services to Queensland Ambulance and runs their Mindfulness and Wellbeing programme.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is the basis for Lauren’s approach, with compassion focused therapy and neuroscience.

“I find that this combination in treatment allows clients to live well with gentleness and acceptance in most circumstances and improves their sense of mindful awareness and agency,” Lauren said.

“This facilitates moving through challenging and often traumatic situations with more ease, self-compassion and acceptance.

“I also find that neuroscience psychoeducation allows clients to better understand what happens in their brains during a time of stress, trauma or anxiety, for example, and how the techniques we use impact, soothe and calm the brain and thus the body.”

Lauren had heard of Bloomhill and wanted to become part of the team.

“In my awareness, Bloomhill has an incredible reputation in its response to, and care for, practically, emotionally and psychologically, cancer patients and their families and I have often considered wanting to become part of the team,” she said.

“My previous experience in a hospice was one of the most formative and meaningful times of my life. I felt touched and honoured to be part of this cancer journey and feel like, in some small ways, I could be there to ease emotional and psychological aspects.”

Close personal experiences with cancer and with the living and dying process have also shaped Lauren’s approach.

“I have witnessed the tenacity and courage it has taken on a daily, and moment to moment, basis for those who are affected, and for their families,” Lauren said.

“I know having someone who listens, cares and is willing to hear the tough stories and to be there no matter what, can make a world of difference. No one wants to walk alone.”

She is passionate about her work.

“It brings value and meaning to my daily life. I feel honoured that people are often willing to trust and share so much of themselves and their journeys and to go to tough places with me.

“Therapy is not always easy but I truly believe it makes a difference and that is what gets me into the office every weekday. I believe we as therapists, have an integral part in walking tough journeys with people and in some way, easing things and offering support and skills. We certainly aren’t the experts in other people’s personal experiences but we are willing to be there.”

At Bloomhill Lauren is looking forward to “being part of a valuable team, to learning from colleagues and clients and to being part of something bigger and something I truly believe makes a difference”.

She asks that clients bring a referral from their GP/Bloomhill nurse/mental health plan to their first session.

To book a session with Lauren phone reception on 54455794 or talk to your Bloomhill nurse.

Published: 20 July 2022, Nicky Moffat