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All about new nurse Yasmin

By June 9, 2022July 25th, 2022No Comments

Newly qualified nurse Yasmin Hibberd looks forward to growing in her profession with Bloomhill as it goes through its own transformation.

“I have joined the Bloomhill team at such an exciting time,” Yasmin said. “With changes to the internal nursing structure and planned upcoming improvement to the facility, there is a sense of evolution within the organisation.

“The oncology field is ever changing and therefore we are also having to keep up and improve the way we can support someone going through cancer. I look forward to being a part of all these changes.”

Yasmin’s interest in working with those touched by cancer began during her studies.

She attained a Bachelor of Nursing degree at the University of Southern Queensland in 2021, and after completing her Registered Nurse qualification, worked in a medical oncology unit where she learned how to safely handle chemotherapy drugs.

“Ever since I started working in oncology, I have had a special interest in cancer care and in developing a full holistic approach to caring for people affected by cancer,” Yasmin said.

“I am still young in my nursing career and believe I have a lot of room to grow and learn and I believe that Bloomhill is the perfect place to improve my experience and nursing care.”

Asked what appeals to her about supporting Bloomnhill clients touched by cancer, Yasmin said: “Throughout my oncology experience I have witnessed and been inspired by the people I have met and cared for.

“Even through the toughest of times, people I’ve helped have stayed so kind and brave. Every person I have met affected by cancer has taught me something. It has definitely changed the way I view nursing and my outlook on my own life.”

It was clear in Yasmin’s voice she loved her work.

“I love making a positive impact on people’s lives,” she said.

“No matter what stage of their cancer journey they are in, I believe everybody deserves the same level of compassion and care. I have found that the majority of people that go through this are always so incredibly grateful.”

Yasmin encouraged anyone who would like help on their cancer journey to reach out to Bloomhill.

“For an initial appointment clients need only bring themselves and be open to sharing their story with me, no matter how big or small it is.

“The more I get to know them in more than just a medical sense, the more I will understand how I can support them.

“Any additional information they have such as referrals, diagnosis/treatment reports, mental health care plans/chronic disease management plans etc, are always such a big help as well.”

For an appointment with Yasmin contact reception at Bloomhill on 54455794 or email nurses@bloomhill.com.au.