Your application for a stall in the Cotton Tree Market will be assessed against the vision for the market to become a distinctive art and craft market. In keeping with this theme, approximately 70% of the markets product mix will be allocated to stallholders who demonstrate 100% artisan products, locally designed and/or made. The remaining 30% of the product mix will be allocated to products or services that may not necessarily be of an artisan nature. Your product will also be considered against duplication and the standard of product to ensure the market maintains quality and diversity in the type of goods permissible. Please read the product criteria in your terms and conditions and declare all products you intend to sell. To avoid delays ensure you attach support materials for your product and proof of design and/or handmade processes e.g. product examples, photos, online links, biography and/or proof of exclusive distribution rights. A written description alone is not sufficient.

My Products/services meet the following criteria any of the following categories: Art and Craft; Product or service is unique to the precinct i.e. there are no traders who sell the products or services; Incubation and invention; Significantly reconditioned products; Collectables of a high quality. Additionally our markets are only able to sell packaged take home food stuffs.
If you are selling food, you must send a copy of your food licence, and your food safety supervisor attainment to this application. For more information, please refer to the attached terms and conditions.
All Stallholders are required to hold a public liability of not less than $20 Million dollars that endorses the operation of an outdoor market. Bloomhill Cancer Help must be noted as an interested party. Please note: without appropriate Public Liability Insurance, you will not be able to operate a stall at the Cotton Tree Market.