Support Groups

Bloomhill support groups are available for people living with and beyond cancer. Our groups include:

  • People in active treatment for cancer
  • People living beyond active treatment for cancer
  • ‘Chemo Brain’ Support group
  • Living with Loss group (set program)

Coming soon:

  • Young People’s Support group (in partnership with Team Adem)
  • Brain Tumour support group (in partnership with CCQ)

People who take part in support groups believe that they can live healthier, happier lives if they spend time relating to others. They say that when they have emotional support, it is easier to deal with their health and social problems. Some feel that the bonds formed between members of support groups help them feel stronger. They further feel that sharing feelings and experiences within support groups can reduce stress, fear, and anxiety and help to promote healing. Evidence suggests that support groups can improve quality of life for people with cancer. The groups do this by providing information and practical support to manage feelings of isolation and helplessness that sometimes result from a cancer diagnosis. Research has shown that people with cancer are better able to deal with their disease when supported by others in similar situations ( 2014)

The Bloomhill Support groups are open and ongoing. They are not formal Therapy groups, but provide a social opportunity to meet others travelling the same journey. They are facilitated by our Registered Nurses and our Counselling Interns.

Living with Loss Support Group

(weekly workshops over 8 weeks for those who have lost a loved one)

Grief can cause physical and emotional stress and grieving alone can be very difficult. Bloomhill’s Living with Loss program provides a place to meet others who are also grieving. The series of workshops are facilitated twice a year by our counsellors and provide a safe space to be heard and understood, and to explore your experience of grief and new beginnings.

One-on-one counselling is also available for bereavement support.

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