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New care services approach empowering clients

By April 29, 2022July 25th, 2022No Comments

From mid-May 2022, the nursing team will be returning to a client-empowered approach to structuring their workload. With their more team-based approach, nurses will be sharing the rotating responsibility for three roles.

Our nurses have always worked as a team to ensure clients’ needs are met, however these changes mean nurses will have more flexible time to respond to client inquiries as and when they happen.

It will also mean a nurse will always be present in the centre to welcome clients, talk to carers, visit groups and liaise with practitioners and consultants to ensure care needs are met and better coordinated.


What are the new rotating nurse roles?

  • Centre presence – Come chat! I’m here to help. This nurse will be visible in the wellness centre and café, and available to respond to walk-in inquiries.
  • Telehealth nurse – I’m the nurse who listens and responds when you email or call the care team. This nurse will respond to client inquiries.
  • Care planner – I’ll be in consultation rooms speaking with clients, and at my desk writing up care plans and sending referrals and helpful info. This nurse will do in-depth clinical assessments for new clients, care plan reviews and adjustments for existing clients.

When does this start?

The nursing team’s first week using this client-empowered team approach will from mid-May.

What does this mean for clients?

This means that from now on, we ask that clients contact the nursing team through nurses@bloomhill.com.au or call the centre on 07 5445 5794. This will ensure that your enquiries are dealt with more promptly by the team and that you are not overlooked or contacted after the need has passed.

The team will still reach out to clients who they are concerned about and follow up on anticipated needs of clients outlined in their individual care plan. You are also welcome to let nurses know your preference for frequency of follow-ups or any other preference that will enable them to provide personalised care that meets your needs.

I just want to see the nurse I already know. Can I still see them?

Yes. If you want to continue to see your existing nurse, please make a time via reception or by contacting them directly as you normally would. However, if something is urgent please do not hesitate to contact any of the nursing team. They work closely together, are all highly skilled and here to support you as a team.

If you are emailing please include nurses@bloomhill.com.au as well, so we can get back to you if your nurse is on leave or unable to respond.

Is it okay to just turn up at the wellness centre for a chat?

Yes! Unplanned support is important.

Many people touched by cancer receive surprising news, or have challenging days. Being open to support is important and seeking it is encouraged. We understand what you’re going through and are here to help, so please do turn up. Most days we will have a nurse whose role is to be the visible presence at the wellness centre. Our wonderful reception team will let you know where to find them.

Will new client wait times be reduced?

Yes, this is the plan!

Initial clinical assessments are in-person and can take up to four hours. Quality care depends on this being thorough and we don’t want to change this process.

Under the new client-led, team-based approach, nurses will be freed up to help new clients more, with the priority for ongoing care being responding to needs as they arise. We presently have a nurse working on new client welcomes and assessments three days per week and will be increasing this to five days per week.

Does it mean nurses won’t ring me anymore?

No, we will still phone clients every six months. Please call us sooner if you need us.

Nurses will prioritise responding to clients who have contacted Bloomhill seeking support, many of whom have acute physical or mental health issues they are facing.

If you would like to see or speak with a nurse please email nurses@bloomhill.com.au or call Reception on 07 5445 5794.

How do I make a time to see a nurse?

Please email nurses@bloomhill.com.au or call Reception on 07 5445 5794.

You are welcome here and we look forward to hearing from you or seeing you.

Further questions? Email us!

If you are a client with a question we have not addressed above, please email nurses@bloomhill.com.au and we will respond to ensure it is answered.