Sound Therapies

Babies soothed into sleep with lullabies breathe in rhythm to the song’s gentle pulse. Teenagers fall into similar soporific states to the blasting beat of a bass guitar. Most adults you might ask could name a tune they consider uplifting. All of which proves that music makes a pleasurable soundtrack to our lives. But is it healing? People worldwide-including Sufis, Hindus, Native Americans, and Catholic monks have long relied on sound to heal, and while their practices differ the principle is the same.

Bloomhill Sound Baths offer a form of passive relaxation that some people find very effective.

One of the main reasons people with cancer use music therapy is because it makes them feel good. Many of us know how calming and relaxing it can be to listen to a favourite piece of music. It can help people with cancer to cope with side effects such as:

  • Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sickness

Music therapy can be a safe place for people to explore fear, anxiety, anger and the range of emotional responses to living with cancer (Cancer Research UK 2014).

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