A cancer diagnosis can impact on a person’s’ physical and psychological health, sexuality, finances, relationships and ability to continue in roles at home and work. Further, the disease affects not only the patients, but their families and carers, who can experience as much or greater distress as the patient themselves.

Psychological support services assess and help patients with psychological problems of all types and levels of severity, including:

  • anxiety, including adjustment disorders, generalised anxiety states, phobias and panic attacks
  • depression, ranging from adjustment disorders to severe clinical depression
  • problems with personal relationships, including communication with health and social care professionals
  • psychosexual difficulties (such as erectile dysfunction and loss of libido)
  • alcohol and drug-related problems

A cancer diagnosis can magnify existing psychological issues, as well as present complex care requirements in its own right.

Bloomhill offers an experienced health psychologist who provides expert evidence based psychological care and interventions to clients impacted by cancer, operating within the Australian Psychology Society’s Code of Ethics (2007).

This service can be accessed by:

  1. The client obtaining an appropriate referral from their GP or psychiatrist under Medicare’s Better Access initiative. This involves the client discussing their psychological needs with their GP and the GP completing a Mental Health Care Plan. Clients coming under this scheme will be bulk billed and there will be no out of pocket expenses incurred by clients.
  2. The client attending privately. Fees are currently $130. Health fund rebates may be available.

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