Quality Policy

Bloomhill Cancer Care is a Centre of Excellence for integrated cancer care, balanced by our profound connection with and our understanding of our clients and their needs.

Our services focus on the six dimensions of wellness – physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual and occupational.

We are fully committed to providing responsive quality services and aim to meet and exceed client expectations consistently and professionally, with empathy and respect.

Our business is based on the following principles:

SERVICEWe provide outstanding client and customer service across all departments and will implement and maintain a system that is underpinned by a process of continual improvement.

KNOWLEDGE –  We understand our business and our clients’ needs.

SAFETY – With a duty of care to each and every client, staff member and volunteer, we provide a safe workplace and safe work systems

COMPLIANCE – We comply fully with all relevant legal and statutory obligations, standards and codes of practice.

LONGEVITY – With a viable, independent and innovative business model, we strive for long-term sustainability and continually seek opportunities to strengthen this model.

OUR COMMUNITY – We are run by and for the community. We continually strive to extend our reach within the community, ensuring maximum use of our services and facilities; and continually seek opportunities for mutually beneficial collaborative partnerships.

Our Values

Our core business values are:

RESPECT – An indepth understanding and respect for Bloomhill Clients’ and their families’ experience with cancer and showing mutual respect for co-workers at all levels.

INNOVATION – A commitment to continual service innovation, industry collaboration and fostering research partnerships to ensure our services remain responsive and effective in addressing client needs, both now and in the future.

PROFESSIONALISM – Continually striving for operational excellence and innovation, and personal development.

INTEGRITY – Continually demonstrating honesty and integrity, together with ethical and transparent behaviour.

CONFIDENTIALITY –  Creating and maintaining an ambience and culture around client confidentiality and emotional safety.

LEADERSHIP – A highly respected organisation that is sought out, heard and accepted by our sector partners.