About Bloomhill

Bloomhill Cancer Care is a centre for excellence for integrated cancer care, balanced by our profound connection with and understanding of our clients and their needs. We are a Sunshine Coast based charity dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for people living with and beyond cancer, through practical, physical and emotional support and empowerment through education and awareness. We understand that health is more than the absence of illness, and offer support across the six dimensions of wellness, including physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual and occupational.

Operated by a dedicated team of professional staff and assisted by a large number of committed volunteers, the emphasis is on the integration of different forms of treatment and therapy. Bloomhill represents a unique blueprint for client care, supporting people to manage their prescribed medical cancer therapy, as well as their carers to manage the many demands required of them. Bloomhill works closely with acute cancer care services, general practitioners, community nursing services and other health care professionals to help build a holistic approach to the care of the person affected by cancer. We have a clear understanding of the range of needs identified by people at all parts of the cancer journey, and are as able to support people at point of diagnosis as into extended periods of survivorship or through a palliative journey.

Bloomhill offers a strong specialist cancer nursing service which enables appropriate clinical assessment, needs identification, information provision, supported decision making, medication management support, survivorship and wellness planning and timely referrals to more specialised service when required.

Bloomhill is proud to offer an expert allied health multidisciplinary team to support people affected by cancer. Exercise physiology, dietetics, psychology and occupational therapy are all available to assist with a range of issues including fatigue, fear of recurrence, healthy weight management, assistance with chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy, lymphoedema care and finding 'normal' again.

The range of complementary services offered are comprehensive and tailored to individual needs. Bloomhill supports the best management of the mind/body connection to have people feeling strong and empowered about their cancer journey. We provide counselling (in partnership with the University of the Sunshine Coast), oncology massage, reflexology, meditation and art therapy. These services are also offered to carers and/or families. We also offer a volunteer transport, shopping and buddy service to assist clients to access medical care and treatment for cancer related issues, and support independence as much as possible.

Our programs and therapies are designed to help you cope with the physical, mental and emotional effects of having cancer. The Centre is warm and welcoming with all elements focused on creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere for all who visit.

Bloomhill receives no on-going government funding and relies primarily on the funds generated by our Op Shops, the Cotton Tree Markets and importantly on the generosity of the Sunshine Coast community through donations and bequests.

“Bloomhill is a centre of excellence for integrated cancer care, balanced by our profound connection with and understanding of our clients and their needs.”